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Bugatti Lighters - Finely Crafted Elegant Swiss Lighters for the Discriminating Buyer


When you take a look at a Bugatti lighter and a Bugatti automobile, you may wonder which design helped to inspire the other. Both designs are sleek and elegant. Both the Bugatti lighter or the Bugatti automobile are something that most anyone would be proud to own. However, very few of us could possibly ever afford to own a Bugatti Veyron with a list price in the neighborhood of $1.5 million. A Bugatti lighter on the other hand is something that is very affordable, even if only to a select few.

A Bugatti lighter, just like the Bugatti automobile is an item that is typically purchased by someone who demands the best. A Bugatti lighter is for someone that has excellent taste in the design of the things that they purchase. And a Bugatti lighter is a lighter that must function at peak performance at all times, just like the Bugatti automobile. And while a Bugatti automobile is not a car for everyday use, the opposite may be said of the Bugatti lighter. With its fine Swiss craftsmanship, a Bugatti lighter has been designed and made to hold up under constant use and just like a fine Swiss timepiece, the quality and care that goes into creating a Bugatti lighter is legendary.

Bugatti lighters are currently available in four different styles with each as beautiful as the others. Because each style of Bugatti lighter is so exquisite, many people have a difficult time in deciding which Bugatti they would like to own. There is the Bugatti 1 lighter featuring contemporary design at its perfection. The Bugatti 2 lighter which offers a more classic design in a lighter with elegance, weight balance and a perfect fit in the pocket. Then there is the Bugatti 3 lighterM that conveys prestige and style. Finally there is the Bugatti limited edition lighter available in precious metals for the very discriminating buyer. Whichever design of Bugatti lighter you choose is up to your own personal taste and style. Whichever Bugatti lighter you choose though will reflect upon your great taste for a beautiful, high quality, precision butane lighter.

We also offer Bugatti ashtrays, humidors and pipes and just like Bugatti lighters each of these items is for the discriminate buyer that demands the highest quality coupled with beautiful design that you will be proud to display anywhere.

To examine each of the Bugatti lighters we offer along with the Bugatti ashtrays or Bugatti humidors and to order your Bugatti lighter, Bugatti ashtray or your Bugatti pipe, we suggest that you visit where you will find all of the items mentioned above. All of the Bugatti lighters, ashtrays, humidors or pipes that we offer are available at discount prices too. Although you may be able to afford to purchase a high quality Swiss made Bugatti lighter doesn't mean that you wouldn't like to save some money too. Money that could be applied to buying another Bugatti lighter, because we're pretty sire that once you own one Bugatti lighter, that you will want to own at least one more and possibly all Bugatti lighter designs to make the perfect collection of butane lighters to match all of you moods and occasions where you will use a Bugatti lighter.


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